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- Materials:baroque pearl + S925

- Pearl size: 30mm(±5mm) 

- Size: Open Ring

The Charon pearl is a rare large baroque pearl, approximately 30mm in diameter, and is specially coated to give the whole pearl a metallic silvery grey color with a colorful iridescence. It is a couple ring with Pluto, and there is a beautiful story about the names of the two rings. Pluto, the ferryman, the god of the underworld, the moon of Pluto Pluto - the most distant star in our solar system, almost no sunlight can travel 5.9 billion kilometers to find it, but there is a synergetic dwarf planet called Charon, 6 billion kilometers away in the darkest corners of the world, beyond the reach of light. corner where light cannot reach. Charon is not his ferryman in the underworld, but Pluto's only companion. Every Pluto has his Charo.

Jewelry Care
WEAR CORRECTLY:Bathing, hand soap, shower gel soap, and other similar products will contribute significantly to the breakdown of surface plating, corrosion, and other problems.
SEPARATE STORAGE:Do not wear for a long time need to wipe clean put into the accompanying box, need to avoid mixed put lead to jewelry friction damage.
SOFT CLOTH WIPE:When wearing jewelry that has become inadvertently soiled or sweated, try to avoid cleaning it with water and wiping it with a harsh cloth.
AVOID FRICTION: Jewelry should try to avoid collision and friction with hard objects, so as not to wear off the surface plating and affect the brightness, and keep the silver jewelry dry to avoid oxidation.

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I ordered these earrings for my daughter for her brithday. The earrings are absolutely beautiful and the customer service is outstanding. I will definitely be buying more from your site and have already recommended Olamaison.
Well Done! 

Beautiful and Versatile

Lovely quality, nicely packaged. Great transaction. Big enough to be seen for sure, on the line between everyday and dressy. Very pleased.